15 January 2022

MALAYSIA-SINGAPORE-BRUNEI, Catholic Bishops’ Conference

Format: Texts & Image
Type: Synod Events
Organisation: Bishops' Conference

Meeting of the Synod Coordination Team members under the Catholic Bishops Conference of Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei, chaired by the Executive Secretary of the Conference, Charles Bertille

The team met twice on 27 October and again on 14 December. In between, they keep in touch through social media. At the first meeting, the members got to know each other and gave updates on their respective diocese synod journey. The second meeting was a Spiritual Conversation on their own journey as coordinators, their joys and struggles, and how they perceive the Holy Spirit is moving in them and the dioceses.

With the timeline extension given by Rome, the team has also proposed additional processes and a new timeline to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference.