15 January 2022

CANADA, Diocese of Nicolet

North America
Format: Website
Organisation: Archdiocese / Diocese

Since the opening of the synodal process (October 2021), in all the parishes and pastoral units of the Diocese of Nicolet, a major consultation process has been underway. To date (29.12.2021), 125 meetings with over 850 participants have resulted in over 900 proposals. The participants were asked to express themselves on their perception of the Church and on the needs they anticipated in the future.

To extend this listening process, the diocese set up a survey questionnaire: a good practice to follow!

To see the questionnaire: http://www.forumeglise.ca/sondage/

For further information: http://www.forumeglise.ca/#documents

The website of the diocese: https://www.diocesenicolet.qc.ca/