15 January 2022

Latin-American Rainbow Catholic community

Latin America
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Organisation: Informal Organisation

The latin LGBTIQ+ Catholic community and our families have prepared two documents for the two years Synodal path.

  • Rainbow Letter to the Latinamerican Ecclesial Assembly (Nov 2021): they sent a letter to the Ecclesial Assembly and celebrated the presence of LGBTIQ+ people and folks during the Online Assembly that was held in November. You may find the English version of the letter at the bottom. The Spanish / Portuguese versions are available at the following link.
  • First Survey on LGBTIQ+ Catholis and their Families for the Synod (Dec 2021): More than 800 Latin LGBTIQ Catholics, their families and allies answered a survey to to investigate the experiences of their community in the secular and ecclesial reality of Latin America. The preliminary results attached to this email were released by the end of November . The file is also available in Spanish and Portuguese in their Website.