15 December 2021

SWITZERLAND, “Prayer on Thursday” Network

Format: Texts & Image, Website
Type: Scripture & Prayers, Synod Events
Organisation: Religious Congregation

Sr. Irene Gassmann, Prior of the Convent at Fahr (Switzerland) took the initiative to start this action and she wrote this prayer together with women from various religious contexts.
The purpose is to create a strong prayer network which would give those who take part in it, the courage and the confidence to move forward one more week in and with the Church – step by step, in communion with all the women and men who pray it and always going back to the original spiritual sources.

The prayer can be downloaded from this website in several languages. At the same time, parishes and other religious communities where the ‘Prayer on Thursday’ is prayed on a regular basis, can be ‘woven’ into the network in a visible way. The site also shows links to interviews and information concerning the prayer.

To download the prayer in several languages, visit: