14 December 2023

Good Practice: A school for Synodality

Format: Texts & Image, Website
Type: Synod Events
Organisation: Informal Organisation

Avril and Chris have come together from different parts of the Church to work together to promote a School for Synodality.
Chris and Avril are convinced that their beginning in youth ministry has opened them to the transformational possibilities of listening and accompanying others in faith. Synodality offers a vision of the whole Church journeying together, of a pastoral encounter that draws us into an encounter with the living Lord.
The School for Synodality (https://www.schoolforsynodality.org.uk/) is about walking together on that journey: accompanying one another, providing refreshment or support as needed, learning the hard lessons as we go, helping one another to keep our eyes fixed on the Holy Spirit. Whether you are an individual or a whole diocese, Chris and Avril will welcome your company on the road.
The website contains a series of tools and resources for formation and training; academic papers and accompanied programme.
Have a look at the “Practising Synodality Webinar Series” . The forthcoming one is scheduled for January 8 with prof. Anna Rowlands deeply involved in our Synod Secretariat activities.