8 May 2023

“Listening to the West”: Synodality according to the Pentecostal Churches

Format: Videos / Audio, Website
Type: Synod Events
Organisation: Holy See

The Angelicum University’s Institute for Ecumenical Studies, in collaboration with the Dicastery for Promoting Christian Unity, is offering a series of presentations on synodality according to the Pentecostal Churches. The event is part of the series that had already done symposiums “Listening to the East”, on synodality according to the Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Churches, and “Listening to the West”, on synodality according to the Mainline Churches,

This part of the series consists of online workshops with representatives of various Free Churches. The first presentation was held on 15 March and featured the approach of the Disciples of Christ.  The second was held on 27 April and focused on synodality according to the Pentecostal churches.  Reverend Prof. David Cole, of The King’s University, Southlake, USA, was the main speaker, Prof. Teresa Francesca Rossi, of the Pontifical University St Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum), Rome, was the Catholic listener, and Mons. Prof. Juan Usma Gómez moderated the encounter.

Watch the recordings of the meeting