11 July 2022

Italy, A pastoral letter by Archbishop Bruno Forte on synodality

Format: Texts & Image
Type: Communication, Formation material
Organisation: Archdiocese / Diocese

For a Church of adult and responsible Christians is one of the themes developed in the Pastoral Letter of Archbishop Bruno Forte (Archdiocese of Chieti-Vasto), a world-renowned theologian. According to Archbishop Forte: ‘To implement a truly synodal path it is a matter, then, of making a Church of adult and responsible Christians grow, in which each one lives his or her vocation and mission in communion with the others, fostering the growth of all with his or her own commitment, allowing themselves to be enriched by the gifts that the Spirit gives to each one’.

The themes developed by the Pastoral Letter (in Italian) are:
1. Synodality from above and below.
2. For a Church of adult and responsible Christians.
3. The three “yes” and three “no” of lived synodality.
4. Synodality, charisms and ministries.
5. Synodality and communion.
6. Synodality and Church renewal.
7. Synodality, love of the Church and mission.
8. Let us ask the divine Trinity for the light and strength needed to live the synodal commitment.