8 June 2022

Diocesis de Mercedes (Uruguay) Diocesan presynodal meeting

Latin America
Format: Photos
Type: Communication, Synod Events
Organisation: Archdiocese / Diocese

On Saturday 28 May, in the city of OmbĂșes de Lavalle, the diocesan pre-synodal meeting was held, which brought to completion the diocesan synthesis, elaborated on the contributions received in recent months. The meeting, coordinated by the pastoral Vicariate, was attended by the diocesan Bishop Carlos M. Collazzi, the presbyterate, deacons, men and women religious, seminarians, delegates from the diocesan secretariats and organisations, and delegates from the parishes, with a special representation of young people and rural communities. It was an enriching meeting in which listening was one of the main quests of our Church at this time.

Here are some photographs of the meeting,