2 June 2022

Synodal sonnets

Latin America
Format: Texts & Image
Type: Communication, Formation material, Scripture & Prayers
Organisation: Archdiocese / Diocese

Pedro Jaramillo Rivas, parish priest of San Juan de la Cruz in Guatemala, composed twelve ‘synodal sonnets’ dedicated to Pope Francis. After completing the consultation in his parish, within the diocesan phase that the universal Church is going through, the priest composed these poems to keep the synodal horizon alive.

Pedro Jaramillo, originally from the diocese of Ciudad Real (Spain), who is enthusiastic about the synodal path, recalls in this process the words of the poet Antonio Machado: ‘the path is made by walking’. He also emphasises the importance of Church reform, echoing the words of Yves Congar: ‘We do not want to make “another” Church, but a “different” Church’. In the titles of the sonnets we can catch a glimpse of the main themes: ‘Everything’, ‘Listening’, ‘Wide Road’, ‘Baptismal Equality’, ‘The Last’, etc.

The sonnets are preceded by a brief commentary that contextualises them within the synodal theme. The sonnet is a composition consisting of fourteen endecasyllabic verses, arranged in four stanzas: two quatrains (stanzas of four lines) and two tercets (stanzas of three lines).

You can read the twelve sonnets in Spanish here.