21 April 2022

“Teo and Kery” in Chinese

Format: Texts & Image
Type: Consultation Method, Formation material
Organisation: Archdiocese / Diocese

The Catholic Education Office of the Diocese of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Diocesan Commission for the Synod organised two meetings to discuss the synodal journey in schools. On that occasion, “Teo and Kery” resource, an educational tool on the synod for boys and girls, was presented. The meetings were attended by about 500 headmasters, council members, Catholic teachers and pastoral assistants from 110 Catholic secondary and primary schools in Hong Kong.

“Teo and Kery” was presented to all participants in both Chinese and English. Headmasters, teachers and pastoral assistants were encouraged to promote and use the material to facilitate the consultation of Catholic children at school as well.

The Hong Kong diocese committee will put the materials on the diocese’s official website and on Facebook and Youtube. So not only teachers could benefit, but also catechists in parish Sunday schools. They are also paving the way for the materials to reach priests and nuns in mainland China, to Sunday schools in Singapore…..

Link to the Synod website with all the translations of “Teo and Kery”: