21 April 2022

THE PHILIPPINES, Theological Convergence Conference this year on the Synod

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Patrick Boyoc of San Beda College Alabang in Muntinlupa City, Philippines, reports that the educational institution is organising the 3rd Theological Convergence Conference. For this edition, the theme chosen is “500 Years and Beyond: Forming a Filipino Catholic and Synodal Church”.

The conference will be held via Zoom on 27-28 May.

The Theological Convergence Conference, explains Professor Patrick Boyoc of the Department of Religious Education, is an annual theological initiative that brings together “professors of Theology, Religion, Values, Culture, Catechesis and Philosophy to dialogue on current trends and issues affecting the faith.”

“This year’s conference will focus on the Synod on Synodality” and the organisers hope, among other objectives, that participants will reflect on “the vision of the whole Church in becoming a Filipino and synodal church, on the sensus fidei, dialogue and discernment but also on the emerging challenges in Catholic education to become a synodal church”. For Patrick Boyoc, the aim of the conference is also to apply “the learnings in concrete contexts of diversity, particularly in youth ministry, catechesis, Catholic schools/institutions, youth organisations and parishes”.