31 March 2022

Synodality in St. Paul

Format: Texts & Image
Type: Liturgy, Scripture & Prayers
Organisation: Organisation / Association /Movement

The School of Biblical Animation of Barcelona (Spain) is developing a program of talks-colloquia on synodality based on the life and work of St. Paul. Contextualizing synodality in the life and mission of the Church, the program addresses different events, among many other topics, such as the Jerusalem Assembly (Acts 15), the Antioch incident (Galatians 2), the divisions in the Church (1 Corinthians 1) or the hymn to Love (1 Corinthians 13), among others. This activity that is being developed in the Parish of the Mare de Déu de la Medalla Miraculosa is also being carried out in other cities such as Madrid and Valencia.

For the coordinator of the School of Biblical Animation, permanent deacon Quique Fernandez, this activity “goes to the root and foundation of the essence of synodality. So we discovered that the neologism ‘synodality’ contains a deeper reality and identity of what the Church should be. The noun ‘Church’ and the adjective ‘synodal’ merge in a way that to speak of one is to speak of the other and vice versa. The Apostle to the Gentiles helps us to actualize it also today”.