22 March 2022

Synodality is to hear from and to accompany for the collegiality.

Format: Texts & Image
Type: Consultation Method
Organisation: Archdiocese / Diocese

After hearing Pope’s Call to Synodality, the Archdiocese of Trichur, Kerala (India), which belongs to the Syro-Malabar Church, begins the foran level discussions within priests and religious colloquiums; and with the listening and dialogue from the grassroots to live in communion and to achieve participation in the Church mission.

Archdiocese of Trichur is one of the biggest and oldest dioceses among the Syro-Malabar dioceses. Following the footsteps of St. Thomas, The Apostle, the Archdiocese of Trichur pioneered the synodal process which was the mark of early Saint Thomas Christians, palliopgam which means the parish assembly  as the basic unit of ecclesial communion. The heads of families and priests participated this assembly.

CCEO c. 295 affirms the earliest form of yogam as a canonical institute or an organ that assists the governance of the parish.