24 February 2022

Sowing seed this Spring

Format: Texts & Image, Website
Type: Communication, Formation material
Organisation: Archdiocese / Diocese

St Anne’s Parish, Portmarnock, (Dublin Diocese, Ireland) set the theme for the synodal pathway by focusing on the parable of the sower (“Hear this! A sower went out to sow.” Mark 4:3). The parishoners in Portmarnock parish are continuosly stated the message of sowing seed through visual displays in the church, the synodal pathway on the church website and reference material as part of the Mass leaflet used each sunday.

Brian Heery, the Parish Synodal Animator, is asking each parishioner to take home a leaflet after the synodal video in the church. The leaflet says ‘You are invited’, and he is asking each person in the church to take one leaflet and give it to someone they believe might be open to attending the meetings.

As in the sower the local animators are advising them that there job is to sow the seed with the leaflet and let the Spirit take care of the rest. That they not to be disappointed if if does not spring forth immediately as a flower or plant, that just like the sower in the field casting his seed, not every seed will flourish, and like the sower they should trust in the Spirit to look after that part. What is impoirtant is that they sow.

In tandem they are dropping one of these leaflets to every home in our parish to ensure they have given everyone an opportunity to participate