1 December 2021

SRI LANKA, Amazing Grace Catholic Media

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WHAT IS SYNODALITY? | An interview with Rev. Fr. Prof. Vimal Tirimanna CSsR

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From October 2021 till October 2023, the Catholic Church worldwide is going to be on a journey of consultation and listening. Pope Francis has called for a Synod of Bishops.

Here, Sri Lankan Redemptorist priest and a member of the Theological Commission for the recently inaugurated synodal process in preparation for the Synod of Bishops on Synodality, Rev. Fr. Prof. Vimal Tirimanna CSsR speaks on “What is synodality?” under following questions;

⬛ What is this process on synodality?
⬛ Is it something completely new in the Church?
⬛ Why should we go back to this ancient concept of synodality?
⬛ Can you mention a few characteristics of this process of synodality?
⬛ In the practical level, what does this process of synodality amount to at present?
⬛ What do you expect from this process of synodality?