31 Março 2022

The Diocese of Xingu-Altamira proposes a Spiritual Itinerary for the Synodal Meetings

Latin America
Format: Texts & Image
Type: Liturgy, Scripture & Prayers
Organisation: Archdiocese / Diocese

The Brazilian diocese of Xingu-Altamira has prepared a Spiritual Itinerary with the Word of God, based on the biblical texts of the Preparatory Document for the Synod.

The Itinerary informs about what a Synod is and what is new in the current synodal process. It presents a set of resources for the preparation of the synodal meetings under three themes: “Church, People of God”, “Jesus, the Crowd and the Apostles” and “The Dynamism of Ongoing Conversion”.

“The Diocesan Phase is very important, because we are all called to participate, sharing and listening to each other on our journey together,” the itinerary underlines.

This diocese of northern Brazil is committed to this journey of listening and prayer: “The listening we do, will be our contribution to the journey of the Catholic Church throughout the world. Therefore, our Church in the sacred land of Xingu, before beginning the meetings, listening and discernment, wants to praise and ask God in the light of the Word of God and by the power of the Holy Spirit to give us wisdom, discernment, faith, love, hope and lead us in this synodal process in communion, participation and mission towards an outgoing, missionary, synodal and inclusive Church”.

Discover the itinerary.