2 abril 2022

Children compose a synodal poem

Format: Texts & Image
Type: Communication, Synod Events
Organisation: Organisation / Association /Movement

A group of children from St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Rotherham (UK) composed the synodal poem «And a child shall lead them» (Is 11:6), as a reflection on the logo of Synod 2021-2023 and their faith journey.

Of great beauty, the poem describes the images of the logo, «someone in a wheelchair, someone with one arm, perhaps wounded because he has been in war, children, a little boy, a little girl helping each other, adults, a mother, a grandmother, (…), and a little child leading.»

The description of the official logo of the Synod by French author Isabelle de Senilhes ends with the phrase «and a little boy leading». To end the poem, the sentence «The bishop and the nun are in the crowd, leading it». And something that caught the children’s attention: «And a ball for everyone to play with».