Brevi Contributi Teologici per l’Assemblea sinodale 2023

Prayer for the Synod

Jesus Christ, young man,
we bring before You the need and desire
that you may give a new boost to your Church
opening the journey for young people to participate in
this Synod about synodality.
Help us to make the way with them in their search, so as they may find answers to their worries, needs, problems and wounds.
We want them to have a greater role in your Church to communicate the joy of the Gospel, being open to listen to the Holy Spirit.
Teach us to accompany and guide them, letting them to be free to find ever-new paths with creativity and boldness.
Grant us the grace to share the life, to celebrate, sing, and listen to their true testimony. Give us the grace to feel in every community meeting with them that we are meeting the God of Life. Amen.

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