Brevi Contributi Teologici per l’Assemblea sinodale 2023



We invite you to have one or more spiritual conversations based on the following questions related to some parts of the IL (cf methodology described on the figure at the end of Part A of the IL)

The importance of formation

IL 59. Formation is the indispensable means to make the synodal way of proceeding a pastoral model for the life and action of the Church. We need integral formation, initial and ongoing, for all members of the People of God. No baptised person can feel extraneous to this commitment and it is therefore necessary to structure adequate proposals for formation in the synodal way addressed to all the faithful. In particular, then, the more one is called to serve the Church, the more one must feel the urgency of formation: bishops, priests, deacons, consecrated men and women, and all those who exercise a ministry need formation to renew the ways of exercising authority and decision-making processes in a synodal key, and to learn how to accompany community discernment and conversation in the Spirit. Candidates for ordained ministry need to be trained in a synodal style and mentality. The promotion of a culture of synodality implies renewing the formation of teachers of theology, seminary formators, and revising the current seminary curriculum so that there is a clearer and greater orientation towards formation for a life of communion, participation and mission. Formation for a more genuinely synodal spirituality is at the heart of the renewal of the Church.

  • How can we contribute to this challenge of formation for Synodality in our local church?
  • Especially how can we enhance formation for a synodal spirituality ?
  • What are the ressources already there? What new programs or initiatives can we promote in our local church?