Brevi Contributi Teologici per l’Assemblea sinodale 2023

Monthly day of prayer for the Synod – November

Lord Jesus Christ, we continue to hold the Synod,
having the experience of walking together,
as brothers and sisters, united and accompanied by you.
Convince us that to be Christians is to live synodality,
not as an event, nor as a reflection on a historical moment,
but as an expression of the Church that we are
and the one which the Holy Spirit makes us into.
Help us to engrave in our hearts that to be Christians
is to have a ‘synodal vocation’ that grows in spiritual life.
Set in our hearts the desire to live out synodality
in everyday life, as an ecclesial habit,
as a way of being and becoming Church.
Grant us to live deeply in communion with everyone,
make us generous enough to open ourselves to participation
and courageous to be mission and not just to do mission.
Mould our hearts towards a synodal spirituality
concrete and authentic in our lives, so that we may witness the presence
of the Kingdom of God for all peoples, not only in the present time,
but for every time, in every place, and with every person.

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