Brevi Contributi Teologici per l’Assemblea sinodale 2023

Monthly day of prayer for the Synod – January

Thank you, Lord, thank you! Being and making Synod

invite us to be thankful and to keep on in this way.

We feel gratitude and wonder 

for the testimony of a living Church.

We recognize that we have much to learn from each other,

living with hope our task of evangelization

so that the Good News of Jesus Christ reach everyone.

Help us not to be overcome by the tensions

that we find in this journey,

but to learn from them,

without excluding anyone and listening to everyone.

Let’s favour even those who are outside 

of the daily life of our communities and parishes.

Let’s broaden our perspective to recognize that the Church

is present where we did not think we would find it.

Give us the grace to discern the reform of the Church

in which our lifestyle will be to walk 

docile to the Holy Spirit, together with the Pope.


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