Brevi Contributi Teologici per l’Assemblea sinodale 2023

Singapore: resources for synodal dialogue with children

The Archdiocese of Singapore doesn’t also want to leave anyone out of the Synod, so the Archdiocesan Synod Committee has developed a series of materials for children to participate in the Synod process.

Peta Chan of the Synod Secretariat in Singapore tells us that the aim is to “further encourage the participation of all ages”.

In terms of resources for children and families, a video, two power point presentations and worksheets have been created that “parents and catechists can use to facilitate synod talks with young children”.

To facilitate understanding and keep children’s attention, two characters were created: Nicole and John, who explain to young children what the Synod is about and how children are also called to participate. As John says, “we ask the Holy Spirit to open our hearts and guide us with the gift of understanding so that together we can listen to each other and be a Church that cares”.

The materials are available on the official website and are free to access. They are available in English and are designed for children between 6 and 12 years old.

To access the materials, simply click or scan the QR code provided: