2 avril 2022

A Proposal for Franciscan Prayerful Reading

Latin America
Format: Texts & Image
Type: Liturgy, Scripture & Prayers
Organisation: Religious Congregation

The Franciscan Province of the Immaculate Conception of Brazil has elaborated a very accessible resource, which stands out for the simplicity of the image and the strength of the gestures it proposes, which can help in the synodal meetings.

On each page of the resource there is an image with a proposal for a path of prayer and discernment based on the Word of God.

To begin with, it is proposed that each participant find « the right disposition and moment for prayer », to achieve « a time of intimacy with God », and prepare the moment with the Bible in hand and a lighted candle.

After the initial prayer to the Holy Spirit, the resource presents a reading and meditation of the biblical passage, in this case the text Lk 9:28-36, in which people are invited to imagine him/herself in the scene read and to answer questions such as: « What is God talking about in this text? », « How can I respond to what God is asking of me? At the end, the participant is invited to pray the Our Father, to say a prayer of praise and thanksgiving to God and to remember the blessing that St. Francis was so fond of, « May the Lord grant you peace. »

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